What is Battojutsu?

Battojutsu, also known as Iaijutsu, is the Japanese martial art of sword drawing. Here you will learn how to use the Japanese long sword - also known as the katana - correctly. As the name suggests, it is essentially about drawing the sword quickly in order to be able to react to sudden threats.

Training goals
As already mentioned, our training goals are: improved coordination, improved concentration, improved agility, respectful handling of the longsword, personal success in training, fun, limited self-defence.

Who is suitable for training?
In general, anyone over the age of 16 (for training with a wooden sword) who has the stamina, interest and the necessary respect for others is suitable. The training itself is quite calm, so it is also a good balance for the less sporty. There are no above-average financial burdens, especially not for taster training, as the basic equipment can usually be provided.

Is Battojutsu / Iaijutsu like Iaido, Kenjutsu or Kendo? What is the difference?
As already mentioned above, Iaido is designed to promote one's own path and, to the best of my knowledge, the sword is more of a way to work on oneself meditatively. Kenjutsu also often works with meditative techniques and of course we wouldn't be able to do without it. However, our techniques and kata (predefined sequences of movements) mostly originate from Toyama-Ryu and were designed to teach Japanese officers effective techniques for combat. Therefore, from a certain level upwards, you can also expect more action-packed training from us.

Compared to kendo, however, the action is still limited, as we are not orientated as a combat sport, but rather as a martial art. That's why we don't have any competitions or other sporting comparisons. In the old martial arts, the survivor was the winner and the one who was beaten was always at least seriously injured. It would be either macabre or not in the spirit of the training to create artificial comparisons here.

Our locations

If you are interested, please write to the linked contact person.

Bayerisch-EisensteinTimes on request
Beginners / Advanced School sports hall, Bahnhofstraße 5, 94252 Bayerisch-Eisenstein
Trainer: Hans-Jürgen Eul Hansjürgen.eul@googlemail.com
BochumMontags, 21:00 - 22:30 Uhr
Beginners / Advanced Le Serpent Rouge Le Serpent Rouge, Herner Str. 299, 44803 Bochum
Trainer: Benedikt Schwarz gogodancer@gmx.de
Braunfels PhilippsteinMittwochs, 20:30 - 22:00 Uhr
Beginners / Advanced TUS Philippstein 1909 e.V. Multi-purpose hall Philippstein, Bermbacher Straße 4, 35619 Braunfels-Philippstein
Trainer: Stephan Andreas stephan.andreas@battojutsu.de
SiegenDonnerstags, 20:00 - 21:45 Uhr
Beginners / Advanced Bürbacher Spielvereinigung 1909 e.V. Turnhalle Jung-Stilling Elementary School, Stockweg 85, 57074 Siegen
Trainer: Jens Uwe Becker jens.becker@battojutsu.de

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